What Are The Top Drayage Companies?

DHL Air Cargo began operations in 1969, and by the late 1970s, the business had grown to provide services all over the world. Deutsche Post began buying stock in the company in 1998 and completed the purchase of DHL in 2002, extending the DHL name to other services. UPS also operates over 35 million square feet https://www.careerbliss.com/uss-express/reviews/ of distribution and warehousing facilities in over 1,000 locations across 120 countries, serving over 220 countries and territories. We sorted the top 10 logistics companies by revenue for you in today’s world. The impact of e-commerce on freight transportation has been profound, and it’s not restricted to…

largest logistics companies in the us

You should be able to quickly locate your shipments anytime, day or night. For instance, if you need international shipping services, then you shouldn’t partner with a provider that has no locations outside of the U.S. You’ll often have to trust a logistics provider with valuable resources and assets. If a particular company has a reputation for frequently delivering shipments late, then you may want to find another partner for your supply chain needs. Many top logistics companies also offer fulfillment services like receiving orders and packaging products. The metro area’s many intermodal depots facilitate the easy interchange of freight from one mode to another. Working with multiple logistics providers serves as a sort of insurance policy.

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Outside of the basics, the system will also give a glimpse into the operations and the ability for growth. Here we have compiled information on the top five air freight companies on Thomasnet, arranged in descending order of company size in number of employees. The table also uss express employee reviews contains information on company headquarters location and annual sales. Annual sales are in millions of U.S. dollars, and dashes indicate where information was unavailable. It was founded in San Francisco, CA (U.S.) as a parcel, courier, and express mail delivery firm.

largest logistics companies in the us

Expeditors International of Washington, headquartered in Seattle, provides air, ocean, ground, multimodal, and oversized cargo freight services. They serve the aerospace, automotive, fashion, healthcare, manufacturing, https://kempton-park.infoisinfo.co.za/search/logistics oil and energy, retail, and technology sectors. J.B. Hunt Transport Services offers intermodal, LTL and truckload, refrigerated, flatbed, dedicated, single source, final mile, and private fleet backhaul transportation.

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Drayage, on the other hand, means that an entire container is being transported. Drayage companies may even help ease congestion in crowded ports, moving containers to temporary holding areas before the leg of their journey. Originally Express-1 Expedited Solutions, XPO Logistics was purchased and renamed by Brad Jacobs. Since then, XPO has become one of the largest companies by revenue in the United States. We looked at a number of top drayage companies, and these five stood out above the rest. Rick is the co-founder and CEO of InTek Freight & Logistics, a company focused on being the place where companies come when faced with a logistics problem. If you are interested in learning more on how to vet your freight broker, 10 Tips How to Select Best Freight Broker for Your Company dives deeper into the above topics.

  • FedEx is now a global leader, with operations in more than 220 countries and more than 3 thousand square meter of warehouse space under its control.
  • While you may not want the cheapest company, you should find a drayage company that can offer you savings on shipments.
  • UPS Supply Chain Solutions, in Alpharetta, GA, offers air, ocean, rail, intermodal, and road freight services.
  • Choose a drayage company that’s committed to integrating the latest logistics tools into their services.
  • UPS SCS can provide clients with solutions to address any aspect of supply chain management, including brokerage services, inventory management, and transportation.
  • XPO Logistics is another international logistics provider based out of the U.S.

In addition to its shipping services, EasyPost also offers a complete fulfillment solution for growing eCommerce businesses. The mergers and acquisitions within the freight and logistics industry have created some mega logistics service providers, which are great for some companies but they are not a one size fits all solution. In Northbrook, IL, International Equipment Relocations specializes in machinery moving air, ocean, and ground freight services, as well as offering dismantling and turnkey installation.

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