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Our vision here at Smile Cacao, is to create a world where people understand and are connected to their ultimate power.  We know that the more people turn inwards to their innate wisdom, the more outward good there will be for our planet and all who live here.  


For this reason, we have created energetically and financially rewarding ways, for those with this same vision, to help this sacred cacao reach as many hands and hearts as possible. 

We invite you to be a part of the awakening.

Become a Smile Cacao affiliate

If you are interested in earning up to 20% in affiliate commissions by adding a link to your website and marketing Smile Cacao to your community, we welcome you to apply for our affiliate program.  

Order Smile Cacao wholesale

If you are interested in wholesale pricing, please head to our wholesale enquiry page

Please note, you are welcome to benefit from both wholesale pricing as well as becoming an affiliate.

We look forward to working with you with our combined vision of a more conscious and connected world.