Why Smile Cacao?


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As with most plants, there are a many sub-species of cacao with varying properties, all falling under the same umbrella of the term “cacao”.  The organic Criollo bean we source here at Smile Cacao is an extremely rare, indigenous cacao bean – a known delicacy and considered to be the most notable and desirable flavour profile with its exceptionally smooth texture.

The Theobroma cacao species grows in in tropical environments, within 15 to 20 degrees latitude from the equator.  Whilst much of the world’s cacao supply is sourced from Africa, in order to be considered ceremonial grade, the beans are sourced from the ancient soils of the Mayan civilisation.  Smile Cacao is sourced in indigenous soils of Amazonian Peru and grown with the attentive care using traditional farming methods of the land.

Archaeological evidence suggests that the Mayan people drank cacao as early as 400 B.C in South America.  Dating back to the Mayan civilisation, the Criollo bean is considered a sacred bean when preserved in its indigenous soil.  Growing the bean in its original habitat is paramount for capturing the full flavour profile and authenticity as well as preserving the full health benefits the bean has to offer.  In short, the Criollo bean, grown in the right soils, have the best of both it’s natural genetics and its nurturing environment – (nature AND nurture)!

Cacao Paste is produced by grinding the Cacao Nibs to a smooth, liquid state during the manufacturing process. Once solidified, it becomes 100% pure bitter chocolate.  Learn more about the process on our Cacao FAQs page.

There is no added… anything!  This is cacao paste in it’s true form.  A gift from Mother Earth.  For the Western palate, it will need some sweetening love before consuming.  Check out our How to Prepare Ceremonial Cacao‘ for inspiration on how to turn this paste into a cup of beautiful ceremonial cacao.


that will make you SMILE

At Smile Cacao, we passionately believe that with this sacred bean, you will experience a deep, soul-awakening connection.  

We know that for the cacao to be in its highest vibrational state when it reaches you, it must not only be the highest quality product, but it must pass through loving hands at every step of the process. 


Our cacao is grown in the original landscape of Mesoamerican
civilizations where groups of organic farmers have formed a cooperative to cultivate this delicacy.  

This chain of loving hands from the farmers right through to your own loving intention poured into your cup all add to the to profound experience of Smile Ceremonial Cacao



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Smile Ceremonial Cacao is grown using pesticide free and organic farming practices.  Smile Cacao sources certified organic product, is GMO free, fairly traded, and kosher certified. 

Groups of organic farmers have formed a cooperative to cultivate this specialised product and in return are offered training in sustainable farming practices to protect and develop their businesses.  They are rewarded with fair pricing and favourable living conditions for farmers and their families.  


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Here at Smile Cacao, we know that every money exchange is an energy exchange with capacity and power to create a ripple effect of positivity.

It all starts with the sourcing of our cacao, ensuring we are positively impacting the supply chain.  The farmers who grow our cacao collaborate in cooperatives to ensure favourable terms and improved living conditions.  They are also part of social development programs that give assistance to the farmers which is a beautiful way to give back to the communities.  

In addition, we want to have positive impact locally, so a percentage of each and every sale is donated to charities and causes that we support and love right here in Australia.


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We scoured the globe in search for ceremonial cacao that met the highest quality and sustainability standards but we wanted it to also taste and FEEL mind-blowing!  Using the Criollo bean is the “creme de la creme” of cacao.  It is lower in tannins making it less bitter and leaves a velvety, smooth taste and texture beyond any other ceremonial cacao we have tried (and we tried a lot!)  Combined with the organic farming practices and traditional processing, the flavour will delight your body, mind and soul!  Try it!  



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Packed full of health benefits, cacao, particularly the Criollo bean we source here at Smile Cacao, is high in antioxidants which reduce free-radicals, fight inflammation and slow down the aging process.  It is also high in flavanoids and is an excellent source of minerals including magnesium, manganese, selenium, chromium, calcium, iron, zinc, potassium and phosphorus. It is known for promoting healthy blood sugar, supporting restful sleep and even helping prevent brain aging amongst many other associated benefits.  Check out our post on the health benefits HERE.


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Cacao is a sacred plant and was a central element in religious and spiritual rituals dating back to the Aztec warriors.  Cacao represents one of the main Gods in ancient civilisations.  Sitting in silent connection with your cacao, you will feel what has been felt by those before us – a pure connection with self, with Gaia, with the spirit of Cacao herself, with friends who join in circle, with universal energy – we are all connected.








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Our vision here at Smile Cacao, is to create a world where people understand and are connected to their ultimate power.  We know that the more people turn inwards to their innate wisdom, the more outward good there will be for our planet and all who live here.  

For this reason, we have created energetically and financially rewarding ways, for those with this same vision, to help this sacred cacao reach as many hands and hearts as possible. 

We invite you to be a part of the awakening

At Smile Cacao we have sourced the smoothest, ceremonial grade cacao with a rich flavour profile from the Criollo bean.  Smile cacao is inducing deep, profound, experiences in conscious communities across Australia, with sacred cacao sourced from indigenous Peruvian farmers using sustainable organic farming practices.  Smile Cacao is here to support you to connect within, to your intuition, to your wisdom, to your inner fire.  We are so excited to provide you with this sacred cacao to make your body, mind and soul SMILE.

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