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What is a Cacao Ceremony?

A cacao ceremony can take many forms but in its simplest essence, it is a communal gathering with a sacred circle, most often with music, dance and intentional consumption of the sacred ceremonial cacao.  

Cacao ceremonies are becoming more widespread as a beautiful, deliberate space for people to gather in community and to connect, not only with each other, but to the ancient parts of themselves. Whilst a cacao ceremony is usually a group gathering, ceremonial cacao can very easily be enjoyed independently (see ‘When to use Ceremonial Cacao’ here).

Whether enjoyed by ourselves in silent meditation or in communal ceremony, ceremonial cacao can help us connect with our inner guidance and gently guide us through transformational consciousness shifts.

For detailed ideas on how to organise and structure a ceremony, read ‘How to Run a Cacao Ceremony’ here. 


Or for tips on organising a ceremony in your local community, read ‘8 Steps to Creating your own Cacao Ceremony’ here

At Smile Cacao we have sourced the smoothest, ceremonial grade cacao with a rich flavour profile from the Criollo bean.  Smile cacao is inducing deep, profound, experiences in conscious communities across Australia, with sacred cacao sourced from indigenous Peruvian farmers using sustainable organic farming practices.  Smile Cacao is here to support you to connect within, to your intuition, to your wisdom, to your inner fire.  We are so excited to provide you with this sacred cacao to make your body, mind and soul SMILE.

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