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8 Steps to creating your own Cacao Ceremony

1) Meditate with a cup of Smile Cacao and visualise exactly how you would like the experience to be/feel for your guests.  Allow any visions to show themselves to you.  Where will it be?  How many people feels right?  What theme would this group really benefit from?  What tools will best support them? 

2) Pick a date (or series of dates) and time to hold your ceremony. 

3) Secure a venue such as a local park, forest, beach, café, community centre, yoga studio, a local art studio or even your own garden. If you are planning an outdoor location, make sure you have a backup plan!

4) Choose a theme for your event if you wish to include this in your promotional material.  It’s not necessary to have a specific theme but if you choose to, the options for themes are endless!  Another way to incorporate a theme is to invite guest speakers to share their expertise and skills as part of your ceremony.  Here are a few theme ideas that may inspire you:

          Ancestral healing

          Chakra cleansing



          Dance & Drumming


          Eye gazing


          Human Design

          Intuitive decision making

          Light healing


          Money stories

          Moon cycles

          Passion & purpose

          Power of manifestation

          Self love

          Setting boundaries

          Silence & Stillness



          Sound healing

          Understanding Akashic records

          Your Goddess Within

5) Promote your event.  

  • Create flyers (canva.com makes it easy!) to post up around your local areas.  
  • Yoga studios, community centres, local shops and libraries are great places to ask.  
  • Create social media images to share online and create a booking link on either your own website or a ticketing platform such as eventbrite.com or  trybooking.com or simply ask for RSVP via email or phone.  
  • Share the event with your friends and community both online and locally and ask them to share with anyone else who may feel called to come.

 6) Organise supplies for the ceremony.  Ensure you allow plenty of time to gather your supplies together.  You may need to order some items online, so allow for varying shipping times.

a.    Order your Ceremonial Cacao here

b.    We love these cushions for comfy seating

c.    A lovely touch is a beautiful mandala centrepiece

d.    Sage and Palo Santo cleansing bundles

e.   Essential oils for cleansing the space. If adding essential oils to your cacao (we recommend Cardamom and Wild Orange), make sure they are food grade. We recommend purchasing 100% pure, food grade oils.

f.    Ceramic cups made from natural elements is a beautiful touch to a sacred ceremony.

7) Plan the flow of your event in line with your theme.  See “how to run a cacao ceremony” for ideas on how to create a the ceremony that flows beautifully.  

8) Hold the vision that came to you in your meditation of how the ceremony will feel.  Keep revisiting the feelings to gently remind the universe of the incredible space you will hold as you lead up to the ceremony.  Enjoy the part you are playing in helping more people connect to the spirit of cacao, to their ancestral wisdom, to each other in community, to their hearts, their souls, their minds, their spirits and ultimately to the energy of love. 

Read how to run a cacao ceremony for inspiration on how to create a beautiful ceremony.

At Smile Cacao we have sourced the smoothest, ceremonial grade cacao with a rich flavour profile from the Criolli bean.  Smile cacao is inducing deep, profound, experiences in conscious communities across Australia, with sacred cacao sourced from indigenous Peruvian farmers using sustainable organic farming practices.  Smile Cacao is here to support you to connect within, to your intuition, to your wisdom, to your inner fire.  We are so excited to provide you with this sacred cacao to make your body, mind and soul SMILE.

Purchase your Smile Ceremonial Cacao HERE.

Our vision here at Smile Cacao, is to create a world where people understand and are connected to their ultimate power.  We know that the more people turn inwards to their innate wisdom, the more outward good there will be for our planet and all who live here.  

For this reason, we have created wholesale access for Women’s Circle facilitators to be able to provide cacao to their communities to empower them to continue to use this powerful tool in their own homes during their spiritual practice.  

Apply here for wholesale access to help this sacred cacao reach as many hands and hearts as possible.  You can also check out our affiliate program to obtain a link to use on your website or give to your guests for them to purchase online themselves.