doTERRA Marketplace Special

Welcome to the doTERRA Christmas Marketplace 2021

Whether you are ready to connect inwards more deeply with yourself, or whether you’re looking to uplevel your doTERRA business by hosting your own cacao ceremonies and attracting high vibe customers, we invite you to step into the world of Smile Ceremonial Cacao with a special christmas promo code (see below)

Learn how Smile Cacao is SOURCED

Learn how to PREPARE your cacao

Learn how to HOST your own circle

SHOP (use promo code CHRISTMAS10 until the 3rd November ’21 or until stocks last!)

With love and gratitude to our doTERRA community for contributing to this launch of Smile Cacao:

Chantal Roelofs – doTERRA Diamond Leader –

Deb Husbands – doTERRA Platinum Leader –

Joey Gordon – doTERRA Gold Leader –

Kimberley Hopkins – doTERRA Silver Leader –

Lee & Wolfe – doTERRA Platinum Leaders –

Leia Dillon – doTERRA Diamond Leader –