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Why is Ceremonial Cacao known as "Food of the Gods"?

Aztecs regarded the cacao plant as a highly sacred plant.  It was used in many ancient ceremonies and considered to have its own spirit.  The highly revered Cacao beans come from the seed found in the fruit of the Theobroma Cacao tree and was so highly valued that the beans themselves were used as currency in ancient Mayan civilisation.

As well as the name of the tree itself “Theobroma” translating from the Greek as “Theos” (God) and “Broma” (Food), additionally, Theobromine (see “Does cacao contain caffeine”), is the compound found within Cacao

The Spirit of Cacao is an ancient Mayan deity widely accepted in ceremonial circles for and opening the gateway to your heart, inner spirit and innate wisdom.   

After experiencing the profound energy of Smile Ceremonial Cacao, it is hard not to imagine that the plant harnesses a Godly power as well as instigating a powerful connection of the individual to their own innate power.  

At Smile Cacao we have sourced the smoothest, ceremonial grade cacao with a rich flavour profile from the Criollo bean.  Smile cacao is inducing deep, profound, experiences in conscious communities across Australia, with sacred cacao sourced from indigenous Peruvian farmers using sustainable organic farming practices.  Smile Cacao is here to support you to connect within, to your intuition, to your wisdom, to your inner fire.  We are so excited to provide you with this sacred cacao to make your body, mind and soul SMILE.

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