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How to bless your ceremonial cacao

Whether part of a ceremony or for your own personal self-care ritual, the intention and love poured into to the preparation and consumption of cacao, creates an incredible impact on the experience.  Smile Cacao has had loving intention poured into it from the farmers in Peru right through to being delivered to you. 



When your cacao arrives, we recommend setting an intentional space in your home, surrounding the cacao with items that are important to you that emit positive energy, such as crystals, fresh flowers, etc.  Sit in stillness with your cacao playing some gentle music or use a singing bowl.  After some deep, calming, centering breaths, bless your cacao with your own loving intention.  



Here is a blessing we love to use:


“We call the energy, love and guidance from our ancestors, from mother earth and from our inner goddess to bless this cacao, that it may open hearts, allow joy, bring deep, meaningful connection to those who gather in ceremony and even more deeply to the inner self. May it remind of the beauty of life, may it raise the energy of our world, may it allow ears and hearts to open fully and allow the universal energy to bless each soul it touches. May this sacred cacao bring a smile to the hearts, minds and faces of all those who embrace this gift from the earth.”

Once blessed, the cacao will hold the energy and intention given to it until it is consumed.  Store respectfully knowing that raw cacao is one of the highest vibrational foods.  Purchase your Smile Cacao here and enjoy unlocking the fire within your soul, connecting deeper with your intuition and delving deeper into the journey of self discovery and soulful connection.